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My plans for next week

I’m going to be up in NYC next week for, well, I was going to say BEA 2011, but there are actually 7 conferences all happening next week as well as the BEA trade show. I’ll be busy enough that postings will be few and far between, but I will try to catch up over the weekend. I’m also going to make an effort to post the really juicy stuff if I can.

I missed the DIY Author’s Con on Saturday (forgot to get a room), so the first con I will attend is IBPA University, which is put on by the Independent Book Publisher’s Association. It’s a little outside my niche, but a couple of the sessions look interesting. There will also be a bunch of digital publishing people there that I know.

I’ll be at the IBPA con on Sunday, and I’ll try to catch bits of it on Monday, but unfortunately it conflicts with a recent appointment I have for Monday morning. It also conflicts with the 1 day ABA con on Monday, as well as the IDPF con.

Tuesday will start with the B&N event, and then rapidly descend into chaos. I’ll probably split the day between IDPF and the BEA show floor. I don’t know what I’m doing on Wednesday or Thursday yet and I won’t until after I do my first lap on the show floor.

My only evening events are on Monday (DBW) and Wednesday (Kobo), and I’m leaving the other nights open for private dinners (or what have you).

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Mike Cane May 20, 2011 um 4:06 pm

What gear are you taking along?

curiosity killed the.. May 21, 2011 um 12:01 am

thats cool you get the chance to go to these conferences i would love to have the cash to go to all the tech, science ,and 3d(modeling) conferences that happen every year like siggraph,ted,and things like E3 and developers conferences i bet i could learn more in 3 days interactivity with top the players than i would months of scouring the internet for hints at new and improved software’s and nextgen computers

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