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My Sunday Morning Reading List

This Sunday morning finds me reorganizing my RSS feeds so I can make better use of the limited time I can devote to blogging.

As I was getting caught up on the several thousand items in my RSS feed, I noticed that there were 4 or 5 blogs which I was loath to simply skip. After some thought I realized that this constituted my "read for pleasure list", and I thought it would be fun to share it with you.

In no particular order, those blogs are:

1. Making Book

I frequently do not see eye to eye with Rich Hollick when it comes to publishing matters, but I do enjoy reading his posts on book publishing ephemera and minutiae.

2. Plagiarism Today

Jonathan Bailey’s blog is a great source for both links to IP stories I need to read as well as in-depth analysis of current trends. (I really need to visit more often.)

3. Awful Library Books

Run by librarians, this blog is one of my secret pleasures.  Each post focused on a book so terrible or so out of date that it deserves to be weeded from public libraries. I often buy copies of these books just to have them on my shelves simply because they make me laugh.

4. Book of Joe

Remember back when there were many many bloggers each posting about what interested them? Many of those bloggers have since moved to Twitter and other social networks, but Joe is still publishing blog posts.

5. Kristine Kathryn Rusch

If you know publishing, then you have to have heard of Kris Rusch. She is a veteran author and publisher, and her weekly posts on the business of publishing are a must-read.

image by RG in TLV via Flickr

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