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My Ten Thousand Dollar iPad Prototype Arrives Next Week (I Wish)

Yesterday I reported on a rare protoype of the original iPad that turned up on Ebay. The seller had gotten their hands on one of the few test models that Apple was using to  explore having an alternate dock connector on the long side of the iPad. It’s a feature that never made it into the production model.

That auction ended around midnight with a final bid of $10,200. No, I didn’t buy it. I’m crazy, yes, but I’m not that crazy.

Okay, I am that crazy but my life was threatened when I considered bidding on it at $5,000. Had I actually won the auction my life wouldn’t be threatened so much as it would have ceased.

But I would have liked to see it. This is one of those rare opportunities to look inside the head of a product designer and see what they decided to not release to the market. Apple is a company which is well known for being finicky about design, and that makes the design details they didn’t use all that much interesting.

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