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MyPadMedia & The Reading Site have upgraded from scams to piracy

I just got an email today from, and they offered to make me an affiliate. I don’t work with scammers, so I turned them  down, of course.

I haven’t had dealings with the site but I am aware of the name. Carly of Gear Diary has tussled with them once or twice, and they’re a rather slimy group.

Carly first found MyPadMedia back in 2010 when she was flipping over rocks. They were running a subscription scam, and it was fairly simple. They conned you out of your money and gave you access to the already free ebooks on the Feedbooks website. That’s a pretty nice scam, isn’t it?

Lately they’ve changed the scam. Now they con you out of a $50 1-time fee for lifetime access to the otherwise free content.

Just to make sure that it’s still a con, I spent my money and joined the site. They have a lot more free content now.  They still offer free ebooks, and their link still leads to Feedbooks. But they also offer free comics, newspapers, games, and movies.

The comics are all hosted elsewhere (mostly on the various publishers' websites), and the same goes for the newspapers. But the movie section was something of a surprise. The movies they offered could not possibly be legal; one title was the latest Harry Potter movie. And like the other sections, TheReadingSite offered you access to content you could have found elsewhere for free. (It’s pirated, so I won’t tell you where you can find it.)

Now this is interesting. They’ve moved on from being a nuisance scammer to commercial piracy. I wonder if they thought no one would notice?

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Anne July 21, 2011 um 1:19 pm

I hope you can get a refund!

William Walsh July 21, 2011 um 5:20 pm

Has anyone tried contacting Plimus? The way Plimus works they are technically a reseller for the company, so they would be legally on the hook, and might want to be aware of how one of their partners is putting them at risk.

Joanne July 25, 2011 um 5:50 pm

I did contact Plimus today and they have already authorized a refund to my account and I received an email confirmation from them.
I paid through Paypal so that was my next step if Plimus did not refund my money. The Reading Site is a huge scam —stay away!!!

Shirley January 20, 2012 um 9:41 am

How do I contact this Plimus to see if I can get my $$ back from the Reading Site? I bought into it back in November and have only gotten a few free books and now can’t get back to their website because it’s something else altogether.

Nate Hoffelder January 20, 2012 um 9:53 am

You got scammed, and the scammers changed the website name so they could continue the scam.

Here’s the current contact info:
Email:[email protected]

brenda September 12, 2011 um 8:46 am

trying to get my money back right now. I think I’ve been had. According to the FAQ’s on the reading site they had all the bestsellers. Tried to see about that and they were FOR SALE. Contacted them and all of a sudden those titles were "Premium" and were not free after all. I should have known better.

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