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Nemeio is a Customizable E-ink Keyboard

Every so often I hear about a new keyboard design with customizable keys. Usually the design uses OLED or LCD screens under the keys to allow for an infinite number of options, but now a French company is showing off a concept design that uses E-ink.

The Nemeio is an 81-key keyboard that comes equipped with Bluetooth and both USB-A and USB-C ports. It was developed by the French retailer LDLC (you might have heard of the computer gaming team of the same name) and is designed so that you can change the layout of the keyboard at the flip of a switch. It’s being shown off this week in Las Vegas.

In normal use, the Nemeio will work any computer (no drivers required), and you can even switch between several layout sets just by flipping a switch on the back.

Reprogramming the keyboard to change the layout, however, requires a drive which (fortunately)  comes pre-installed on the keyboard.

It looks relatively simple to use:

The Nemeio  is not in production yet, but LDLC said it is expected to ship later in 2019. They also told Brad Linder of Liliputing that it’s expected to cost $300 to $500.

Considering that a really good gaming keyboard could cost you anywhere from $50 to $150 and that a decent-quality basic keyboard costs as little as $10, it’s really hard to see what kind of market this keyboard will have.

It’s an interesting novelty, sure, but is that worth the high price tag?

Nemeio via Liliputing

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Xavier Basora January 8, 2019 um 7:30 am


Nope.. You can buy budget computers for far less
Does the keyboard let me change language layouts easily (i.e. French, English, Russian,etc)
That to me is the future of keyboards. I want to buy a notebook or a keyboard where i can customize the letter keys for the languages I write. Instead of being stuck with one and deal with the hassle of customizing it.

And at 500$ I expect it to be a dock with a charger, multiports, extra hard drive inside the keyboard and hot chocolate/cold smoothie maker


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