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NetGalley Will Soon Offer Audiobook ARCs

The ARC service NetGalley has distributed ebooks for almost as long as the Kindle has been around, and soon they will also be distributing audiobooks.

NetGalley announced on Twitter on Monday that, starting next week, reviewers will be able to request audiobooks from publishers. Audiobooks had been supported since last December, but only as excerpts.  Now, reviewers will be able to listen to the entire audiobook.

NetGalley advised reviewers in a related FAQ to update their profiles  to mention how the reviewers can help promote a publisher’s audiobooks. "Make sure to add all relevant information to your Bio about how you specifically promote audiobooks, including any additional links where you review audiobooks."

Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the book market, but at the same time they are also by far the smallest, accounting for $52 million in publisher revenue in April 2020. (Coincidentally, revenue growth has slowed considerably this spring, probably because people aren’t buying audiobooks for their commute any more.) Audiobooks are a considerably larger source of revenue for indie authors, many of whom report audiobook revenues exceeding print revenue.

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