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NetNewsWire Updated Just in Time for the Readerpocalypse


Black Pixel has just announced the beta release of NetNewsWire 4 for OSX. It’s available as a free download while it is in beta and it will cost $20 when the finalized version released.

This app is probably the oldest news reader still under development, with the very first version having been released in 2002. That was before RSS feeds were invented, and that makes me wonder what this app was reading back then. Does anyone know?


I don’t have a Mac so there’s not much I can say about this app, but I can’t help but be jealous over the tabs feature. It lets you have multiple stories open at once. Why doesn’t Windows have a similar news reading app?

Oh wait, it does. It’s called a web browser.

In other news, Black Pixel has announced that the iPad and iPhone versions of NNW are still under develoment. The current designs are being revisited following Apple’s announcement of iOS 7.


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Paul June 24, 2013 um 2:36 pm

Still missing an awful lot. When I tried importing from my old version the feeds, the app crashed, currently there’s no way to bring back the old display look and feel (i.e. text underneath the list of stories), and no syncing option available (yet). The sharing tools aren’t bad but that’s not what I use it for.

We’ll see what its like a few days from now (the google reader import worked although it pulled in a lot of really old content along with it).

Carly June 26, 2013 um 10:48 am

NetNewsWire was tied into Newsgator, until they dumped their consumer RSS and kicked everyone over to Google Reader about 7 years ago.

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