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Netronix Shows Off E-ink Street Signs, Shelf Labels, 32″ Color E-ink Signs (video)

Charbax recently caught up with Taiwanese consumer electronics maker Netronix.

This company used to be best known for its ereaders, and still makes ereaders for Kobo and B&N, but with the decline of the ereader market it has had to shift to new markets.

As you can see in the following video, Netronix is now making a variety of products that use E-ink screens, including shelf labels, solar-powered bus route signs, shelf labels, and 32″ color E-ink signs.

While you can find other companies that make bus signs (Visionect), shelf labels, and 32″ E-ink signs (GDS), it is still good to see another company entering these markets.

More competition means lower prices and increased adoption, and with at least one of these products the increased competition means we might actually see the product reach the market.

The 32″ E-ink signs, for example, don’t actually exist yet. The model from GDS is still at the "wouldn’t it be cool" phase.

Netronix, on the other hand, is showing off a model that has real schematics and blueprints, so it actually exists. They could make as soon as someone places the MOQ.

But let’s be honest: Given how much these things cost, that probably isn’t going to happen.

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