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New 13.3″ Mobius E-ink Screen is About to Enter Production

epd-new-13-3When the Onyx Boox Max was first revealed to the public early last year, it sported a new and much higher-resolution 13″ E-ink screen.

Alas, that screen wasn’t ready for production, so when the Max officially launched a month later it used the same screen as found on the Sony Digital paper DPT-S1.

Seventeen months later, and now the screen is closer to being ready. An eagle-eyed member of MobileRead noticed that BEC, a Hong Kong-based electronics wholesaler, is now taking pre-orders for the new screen.

As engineering samples are available now the new 13.3″ e-paper displays with the resolution of 2200×1650.

The following panel models with Carta 1.2 technology (high contrast and short response time) are represented: ES133TT2 with plastic substrate and ED133TT1 with glass substrate.

The mass production of the panels is planned for Q4/2016.

The pre-order of the engineering samples is already opened.

The new screen combines the latest generation Carta E-ink screen tech with the flexible plastic Mobius substrate, and it will have a resolution of about 210 ppi. That’s not nearly as sharp as the 300 ppi screen found on the latest Kindles, but it is still better than the existing 13.3″ screen (which has a resolution of 150 ppi).

We’re still well over a year away from this screen showing up on a device on the market, but this is still a hopeful sign.



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Fjtorres July 6, 2016 um 11:23 am

Check your resolution numbers.

Nate Hoffelder July 6, 2016 um 1:16 pm

Fixed it, thanks.

d July 6, 2016 um 1:18 pm

Wanted alive!

vicente July 6, 2016 um 4:26 pm

I hope a well established firm will develop a good reader this screen deserves, not a little one that doesn’t offer an adequate support

Huygot July 7, 2016 um 4:30 pm

Is there official word from EInk about this?

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