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New 7.8″ Pixer Digital Picture Frame Features Wifi, 300 PPI Carta E-ink Screen

After Gigazone launched the Pixer last December, this 6″ digital picture frame apparently vanished without a trace. Now they have a model with  7.8″ screen.

A reader showed up on the site today, asking about the Pixer. I couldn’t find any place where you could buy one, but while I was searching I did find the FCC paperwork for the larger model (also a matching Android app in Google Play).

The Pixer 08 has a 7.8″ screen, Wifi, a sizable 8Ah battery inside, and an unknown amount of storage.

In many ways this is a consumer version of the Joan meeting room sign, only not quite as sleek looking. It’s designed to be hung on the wall in either portrait or landscape orientation and updated over Wifi, but it also has a microUSB port for charging.

I am trying to find out where we can buy one; if you find it online, do let us know.


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Jean-Philippe Encausse October 25, 2017 um 5:23 pm

Very interesting if we can have a long lasting Digital Picture Frame without cable. Do you have info on price ?

Joan meeting room is cool but too B2B and expensive

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