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New 7″ Android tablet now avaialble from from Gajah

It seems like everyone and their hair dresser is releasing new Android tablets this week. Snide comments aside, Gajah usually make nice hardware.

The M7003 is an OEM Android tablet in need of a home. It’s running Android v2.3 with a 7″ (800×480) resistive touchscreen, microSD card slot, Wifi(n), and a speaker.

I don’t have any info on the software or which apps it will come with but I know they’ve tried a few different things in the past. This tablet might have an ordinary home screen or it might have something new.

Gajah are looking for a business partner who will put a brand on this tablet and sell it in their local market (US, UK, Russia, etc). I would hope that someone steps up; most of the Gajah devices I’ve had in hand were quite nice.

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