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New Best Buy Planogram Hints at Amazon’s Set Top Box

When I amazon-logo3wrote about the latest rumor yesterday concerning Amazon’s new set top box, I expressed doubt because I was still waiting for more solid leaks.

It looks like the first credible leak may have arrived.

ZatzNotFunny got their hands on what may be the first credible piece of evidence that could prove Amazon’s device actually exists.

According to their source, an early copy of a BB planogram for May mentions Amazon alongside Apple and Google. If this source is correct, all 3 companies are going to have a streaming device of some kind.


This leak can be summed up in the image embedded above, so as you can see it is incredibly thin. We don’t have a name, specs, or even a list of features, just a dot which tells us that it has Wifi.

But we do have at least the beginning of confirmation that this device will launch this Spring, just like re/code said yesterday.  That raises this rumor from being completely unsubstantiated to having at least some evidence to back it up.

Stay tuned.

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