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New blog2ebook converter launched – ReadBeam

This morning one enterprising developer hit upon the best way to get me to look at his new service; he followed me on Twitter.

ReadBeam is a rather nice web based blog conversion service. It only supports converting from a limited number of blogs, and it only offers Epub and Kindle. But it also does a nice job and it’s fast, too.

I created an account and requested Ars Technica. It arrived within minutes, and it still have the default cailbre cover.  Not a problem; I actually expected that ReadBeam would use calibre. Though I have to say that I’m surprised by the formatting. The articles have a menu included in the heading with links to next/previous article, main menu, and section menu. I didn’t know the automated conversion in calibre had gotten that sophisticated.

There are a bunchaton of services like this now, and this is definitely one worth checking out.

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Mike Cane July 16, 2011 um 6:03 pm

That looks like a web interface for what anyone with Calibre can do on their own.

ReadBeam makes it easy to read newspapers and blogs on your ereader July 18, 2011 um 1:49 pm

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Tom July 20, 2011 um 3:40 am

Thanks for checking us out.
The few 'public' sources are just the beginning. I am currently beta testing the next version that enables anyone to either use public recipes with their own credentials or – go full monty – write and 'host' your own recipes at ReadBeam.

Nate Hoffelder July 20, 2011 um 7:54 am

You can add me if you like.

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