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LeesID Cloud Bookshelf Launches in the Netherlands

leesid[1]Do you miss Readmill and the way it let you centralize your ebook purchases from several retailers all in one cloud? Then I have some good news for you; a similar platform launched in the Netherlands this week.

LeesID offers users the option of managing their Epub ebook purchases in a single location. It lacks the social aspects of Readmill, but it does enable readers to minimize the number of ebook stores they need to keep track of. What’s more, LeesID also enables readers to quickly and easily load ebooks purchased in one store into a reading app belonging to another store.

illu1[1]Funded by the non-profit CPNB and supported by 5 Dutch ebook retailers, LeesID  is pitched by its developers to publishers as a way of making paid ebooks more attractive than piracy, and pitched to ebook retailers and readers as a bulwark against the possibility that a retailer might one day shut down its ebookstore (just imagine if Fictionwise’s international customers could have had this option).,, The Read Shop,, and are already participating. is actively  encouraging customers to sign up, and there is talk that Harlequin might also join.

LeesID is open to all, and it’s easy to join. All a reader has to do is complete the usual sign up process, and then link their account(s) at the participating ebook retailers. The ebooks will be added to their LeesID bookshelf automatically. And to encourage participation, early adopters will receive 4 free ebooks.

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