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New HTML5 reading app from iPulpFiction

The publisher of iPulpFiction just tipped me to the new browser based reading app, the iPulp eReader. Like HTML5, it’s a work in progress. 

Update: I reported a bug and they fixed it.

Here are some of the features the iPulp eReader has:

  • paged text
  • page counting
  • auto-hyphenation
  • local font size & font face control
  • full CSS 3 support within a story

The demo is here, if you want to try it. It should be compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and that other browser.

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Mike Cane November 24, 2010 um 5:30 pm

>>> that other browser

There are TWO of those. And it doesn’t work properly with Opera.

Nate the great November 24, 2010 um 6:27 pm

It doesn’t work with IE, either, but I don’t count it as a browser anyway.

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