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New iPad Concept Videos Shows the Tablet of My Dreams

The iPad hype has reached a fever pitch this week with the news that Apple is having an event next week. That makes this the perfect time for Aatma Studio to release their new design concept for the next iPad. They have nothing to do with Apple, so this is really more of a wishlist of shiny features.

They’re calling it an iPad 3 concept, but it’s already pretty obvious that the iPad shown off next week won’t look like these videos (the leaked iPad 3 shell is about the same size as the current iPad). But I really truly hope that the iPad 4 does.

Some of the interactions between the tablets are definitely worth implementing. But I’m going to pretend that the 3D stuff isn’t there; that’s just nonsense.

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monopole February 29, 2012 um 3:22 pm

Almost where PARC was at 21+ years ago:

Just a tiptoe into the water of ubiquitous computing , where Mark Weiser was swimming in the deep end so many years ago.

What is astounding is the culture of learned helplessness we have established in the past decade that any new idea must immediately be credited to Apple. The joined magnetic tablets are a blatant ripoff of the work of Nicolas Cheng:
Which I learned about on this blog for god’s sake?
Another example of this is this post:

A blatant copy of the XO2, but of course credited to Apple.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we developed the mentality that, just possibly, somebody with a new idea could build it up and become the next Apple? Except with 99% less evil?

Myself March 1, 2012 um 9:36 am

Frankly, the feature I would love the most is a pen that works. Maybe Samsung can pull it, or if not other manufacturer, but tablets are almost begging to be written on.

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