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New Kindle Kids Edition Costs $109

In addition to launching a new Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon also released a new Kindle Kids edition bundle.

The $89 entry-level Kindle released in March is now available as a $109 Kids edition bundle.

The extra $20 gets you a case, two-year worry-free guarantee, a one-year subscription to Amazon FU,  and an ad-free reading experience.

Amazon also boasted in the press release that the software had been customized for kids. In addition to existing features such as Wordwise, Vocabulary Builder, and a dictionary, the kid-friendly software features include:

  • Achievement Badges—kids can earn badges like Book Worm and Over Achiever when they make progress towards pre-defined goals.
  •  Easy Discovery—with enhanced browsing and search, kids can locate titles without the exact spelling. And with smart recommendations, kids can find books related to the genres, authors, and characters they love.
  • Kid-friendly Wallpaper—included are a unique set of lock screen wallpapers, specifically designed for kids.

This device is a great deal for any number of reasons.

For starters, Amazon charges $20 to take the ads off a Kindle, and their two-year warranty costs $15 when bought separately. And then there’s the case, which costs $20 to $30.

If you buy all these items separately, you’re looking at a cost of around $150. Given the low resolution 167 PPI screen and limited storage, I would not say that is worth $150, but if you buy the bundle you will only spend $109.

That on the other hand is a very sweet deal.

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Clyde October 8, 2019 um 12:03 pm

Yep. And those of us with juvenile senses of humor are getting a laugh out of the F. U. in the "Amazon FU" label.

Nate Hoffelder October 8, 2019 um 9:19 pm

I am, yes

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