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New LCD e-reader pops up in Germany

Mike Cane tipped me to this ereader when he somehow managed to find it on It’s from a consumer electronics company I’ve never heard of before, and so far as I can tell this is their first ereader.

The SVP EB701 is based on a 7″ LCD screen. I’m not sure of the resolution, but I’d be surprised if it were more that 800×480. It ships with a microSD card slot, 2GB Flash, and pretty broad ebook support (TXT, HTML, DOC, WORD, PDF, FB2 , PDB, EPUB). It also plays a number of video formats, including; MPEG4, AVI, RMVB. There’s no mention of touchscreen or Wifi, so I wouldn’t assume it has them.

I also found it listed on for $140, curiously enough. I’m not sure I’d recommend it; the Kindle is the same price.

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Mike Cane March 18, 2011 um 2:49 pm

Naw, not It was a YouTube vid I pointed you to.

Nate the great March 18, 2011 um 2:52 pm

And the only thing in the video was a suggestion to click the link to

Mike Cane March 18, 2011 um 8:44 pm

And you clicked. Suckah. Oh. Wait. Hahahaha.

Ellen March 21, 2011 um 11:10 pm

Overstock has been selling these for some time now. Different ranges in price depending on the internal memory.

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