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New Leak Shows iPad Mini With Touch ID, Champagne-Colored Shell

34518997.jpg.450New iPad Mini photos have shown up in China, but are they the real thing?

A Chinese news site named DoNews says they have their hands on a couple photos that show the new iPad Mini. As you can see in the photos below this does look plausibly realistic, but there are also a couple problems with the photos that make me wonder if they’re the real thing.

The photos allegedly show the front and back of a champagne-colored iPad Mini, including the TouchID fingerprint sensor we are all expecting to see on it. Or do they?

I have trouble believing that these cases are real; there isn’t enough info and what little we have doesn’t add up.

First and foremost, the photos are not available in high resolution. The only ones I got are 450 pixels wide, which means that I can’t zoom in and look at the finer details (one way to check to see if the photo is fake). Also, no other photos are available. For example, we don’t have any full-frontal photos – just these 2 closeups. And finally, DoNews says they got the photos via the ZOL tablet forum and not from an inside source. That tends to make me wonder if perhaps we are looking at someone’s practical joke.

While these photos could be real, it’s entirely possible that some trickster read the news last week about the new iPhones and created a plausible pair of photos that would fool everyone. All it would take is a bit of time with Photoshop.

I am not completely sure these photos are fake, but I tend to think they are. Unlike past leaks where complete iPad 5 or iPad Mini shells were shown off on camera, this leak is just too thin for me to believe in it.

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Name September 27, 2013 um 3:41 pm

Apple went missing of taste, looking at their latest creations. When they go for plastic shells for their phones, I wouldn’t expect to see a higher-res iPad mini despite the apparent existence of suitable screens as seen in HP’s Slate8 Pro.

Nate Hoffelder September 27, 2013 um 3:49 pm


And it’s not just the color iPhones but also the ugly and stupid cases for the iPhones. Seriously, this is a bad design which should not have made it out of a planning meeting:


See, there’s a reason why iPads had came in silver, black, or white; it was to avoid ugly combinations like this.

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