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New reading app, e-reader launched by Hrvatski Telekom

Hrvatski Telekom, a T-Mobile subsidiary, launched their ebook reader today.

The Planet9 ereader has a 6″ Sipix screen, 2GB Flash, microSD card slot, Wifi, and a built in MP3 player. The Planet9 is also supposed to have a 3G connection, but it’s not clear who pays for the data plan.

This is an ereader that should be familiar to you. It’s shown up before as the Thalia Oyo, Fnacbook, and it was originally released as the Binder from Sagem  Wireless. But unlike the other models, this one has been customized for the Croatian market, and it has an English-Croatian  dictionary included. According to the announcement, it’s available in most T-Mobile locations (Europe/Croatia/?), and the retail is a whopping 1698 kuna (~$323 USD).

Hrvatski Telekom also have an app, and it went up in the Android Market a couple weeks ago.  You can buy ebooks inside the app, and it appears to support Adobe DE DRM. It’s not clear how diverse the selection is, but I did notice one odd detail. The app description is in Croatian (so says Google Translate). I guess they’re planning on focusing on the niche market.

via Hrvatski Telekom, AppBrain


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