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New Rumor: 2 New Kindle Fires Coming in Q3 2012

Digitimes is back again with another rumor. According to more of their "industry insiders", Amazon is looking to release not one but 2 new 7″ Kindle Fires some time in the next few months.

What’s more, Amazon isn’t just releasing the 2 Kindle Fires; the possibly fictitious 8.9″ and 10″ Kindle Fires have made another appearance on the rumor circuit.

This is a rather curious rumor first because it calls for a new and cheaper Kindle Fire at $149. As the story goes, Amazon is going to need to cut more into the competing budget tablet market, so they’ll release a  less capable version of the Kindle Fire. It’s predicted to have the same screen resolution, but use cheaper components. Amazon is also rumored to be releasing another 7″ KF next quarter, Digitimes wasn’t in he mood to invent new specs for the device, but they did say that it would have screen resolution of 1280×800 and a price of US$199.

What’s even better is that Digitimes crystal ball also showed a 10″ and an 8.9″ Kindle Fire coming this fall. The 8.9″ is said to be dead now as Amazon shifted their focus to the 10″ model, but that larger one is supposed to be out in time Christmas. And so is the new ereader:

As for e-book readers, Amazon is currently developing a 6-inch backlight-unit-module-integrated model that is set to launch in the third quarter at the earliest, noted the sources, adding that Amazon will also release e-book readers with other sizes in the second half of the year.

See, that’s why I don’t trust Digitimes. Even on the rare occasions that they get a rumor correct, they still get basic facts wrong. And for the most part they’re wrong. Digitimes has a terrible success rate when it comes to the rumors they generate on a weekly basis.

Frankly, I don’t know why anyone listens to them.


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Roger June 15, 2012 um 11:11 am

Then, why do YOU listen to them?

Nate Hoffelder June 15, 2012 um 11:15 am

Because I only have so many reasons to snicker derisively. I don’t want to lose one source.

Roger June 15, 2012 um 1:03 pm

Gotcha. BTW, If you want to snicker derisively try Nook "support" on for size. I have purchased 61 books since December from the B&N site. Several of those have had scanning errors – minor to major – but only one that was unreadable. I started emailing for a refund weeks ago with zero response. Today, I went to live chat – finally got my refund. This is for a $3.99 book for God’s sake – if I was trying to get a free book I think I would have chosen one of my $24.99 books. I had to "promise" to delete this thing. Screw you, B&N – if I buy another book for the Nook it sure as hell won’t be from your site. I am sending "Corporate" a copy of the chat session as well as copies of my unanswered emails.

I am going to buy a Fire – Amazon has always been an honorable company to me, both as a seller and a buyer. In the meantime, I’ll read my Nook, Slick ER (love it), Cybook and eBookwise. I do work, btw.

Well, this is my vent for the year. Love your site.

Nate Hoffelder June 15, 2012 um 1:23 pm

That’s not the same situation. B&N’s customer service might not be very good but they are at least trying to do their jobs.

I’m pretty sure the folks at Digitimes know they’re basically making shit up as they go along and they don’t care. that earns some heckling.

Roger June 15, 2012 um 2:33 pm

Totally disagree – B&N did not respond to 7 emails over a two week period! That’s not trying!
I know the local B&N manager – He says he is embarrassed over the customer service complaints he gets over the Nook. Google "B&N customer service complaints" and look at the hundreds and hundreds of complaints. And, it doesn’t matter if Amazon gets thousands – no company should get this many. B&N will be history, literally, in three years – I saw the identical thing happen with Borders (too big to fail?) – their customer service drove would be customers off, never to come back. Well, enough of this.

Peter June 15, 2012 um 4:23 pm


Good to know live chat worked out for you.

I find Barnes and Noble does a marvelous job responding to CS issues- real or imagined- on twitter.

Also in most of the stores.

I didn’t know they offer e-mail support. Guess there’s a reason for that.

Roger June 15, 2012 um 4:33 pm

Oh yes, they offer it – go to your libray page and see the three (two) ways to contact them – Live Chat, Telephone and eShit.

Roger June 15, 2012 um 4:34 pm

LIBRARY! One thing about these battery keyboards………………

digital reader fan June 15, 2012 um 4:35 pm

Over 50 B&N books here with no scanning errors. Marvelous job responding to CS issues for me.

Roger June 15, 2012 um 4:37 pm

My best experience has been with Kobo – one problem – refunded within 15 minutes. 35 books.

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