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New site lets you share your Nook ebooks –

I just heard about this site today on Twitter. I’m sure this isn’t the only site that helps you share ebooks, but it’s the first that I’ve heard of. While I don’t have any ebooks from B&N, I do approve of the principle.

Edit: They’ve had to change the name to

But they do have a couple curious twists on their site. The ask you to buy ebooks through them. They get a cut, of course, but I’m hoping that they are planning to work out a better account integration with B&N.  It would be nice if they could pull from B&N a list of ebooks you bought. You could go down the list and check off the ebooks you want to lend. Wouldn’t that make it easier for the user?

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Doug November 29, 2010 um 5:00 pm

There’s at least one established lending site:

There’s also at least one FaceBook group: "I have a NOOK and I’m willing to share books!" (I’m not a FaceBooker so I can’t verify that one.)

Nate the great November 29, 2010 um 5:24 pm


James Cooper December 13, 2010 um 5:07 pm

Hi there,

Thanks for covering our web site (I wrote — recently renamed to avoid trademark issues with B&N)

We’d l ove closer integration with B&N. Ideally they would make themselves an oauth provider (like twitter, facebook, and google are), which would let us do exactly what you describe.

Until then users unfortunately have to double-enter data.

We have a mobile version in the works (which will work from the NookColor). Also planning to add features to make it easier to browser available books.


— James

Mchelle October 11, 2012 um 5:20 pm

I don’t think it works….I joined and lent out about 6 of my books today and have not gotten one book from anyone else!!! I’d be better off just buying the books I want and not lending my once chance to share my books with someone I don’t even know!!!

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