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New Tolino Epic is Water-Resistant and a Plus-Sized Screen

Today is proving to be the day of the large-screen ereaders. Not to be outdone by the Kindle Oasis leak, Tolino just announced its newest and largest ereader.

The Epic (or Epos, which is the name in German) has a 7.8″ screen like the one on the Aura One, and it is waterproof.

The Epic has a screen resolution of 1872 x 1404, and it has both a touchscreen as well as a frontlight. It ships with 8GB of storage, Wifi, and a 1.2 Ah battery which provides up to 4 weeks of battery life.

Curiously, it does not have the color shifting frontlight pioneered by Kobo (given that Rakuten is now Tolino’s tech partner, I was expecting that).

Edit: Actually, it does have a blue light filter (just like the Tolino Vision 4HD). It’s just that Tolino screwed up the description badly, telling us that it can go “from cold white light in the morning to warm white light in the evening”.

Weighing in at 260 grams, the Epic runs Android 4.4 on a 1GHz Freescale CPU with 512MB RAM. Those electronic guts are protected by an HZO coating which Tolino has promised will keep the Epic safe for up to 30 minutes underwater.

And to be clear, the device is named the Epos, not the Epic. That was a bad decision on the part of Tolino because the first thing that springs to mind when I see the word EPOS is that it is an acronym for "electronic piece of s***".

It does not deserve the label, but that is what comes to mind.


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Javi October 11, 2017 um 8:43 am

What about the new kindle oasis post? why did you delete? Did Jeff Bezos scold you? 🙂

Nate Hoffelder October 11, 2017 um 9:07 am


it’s back up

Susan October 11, 2017 um 8:52 am

Also would like to know. I went back to see if there were further comments and saw that the post was deleted.

name October 11, 2017 um 11:59 am

Where did you read, that it can’t shift colour temperature? The merchants' web sites say otherwise, e. g.

Nate Hoffelder October 11, 2017 um 12:12 pm

That description says that the Epos can go "from cold white light in the morning to warm white light in the evening".

Going from white to white is not a color shift.

I’ll ask Johannes for a first-hand report.

name October 11, 2017 um 12:24 pm

They call it smartLight, the same as on the Tolino Vision 4HD.

Nate Hoffelder October 11, 2017 um 12:25 pm

I’ll fix the post, thanks.

jmirko October 12, 2017 um 6:03 am

I don’t see reference to the OS on Tolino’s site – are you sure it’s Android and not a proprietary Linux-based OS?

Nate Hoffelder October 12, 2017 um 7:51 am

I saw it in press coverage. And previous models ran Android.

CD h October 12, 2017 um 4:40 pm

It’s a proprietary Android though. Don’t expect to find the Playstore app, for instance. In order to install your own apps, you likely need to root the device (instructions for doing so exist).

Ggf dc October 12, 2017 um 4:52 pm

Btw, I just read the text on the screen from the picture, which they seem to have written specifically for the picture to promote the device. But there’s a typo in the text. Those amateurs should stick with lorem ipsum.

dodo October 12, 2017 um 5:21 pm

Epos is perfectly reasonable literary name. It’s ancient greek for collection of epic poetry, you uneducated hack.

Fvh November 5, 2017 um 2:30 pm

Yesterday, I went to a shop in order to take a look on the device. First impression is, that it is as slow as the Aura ONE. Too bad. Not too surprising though, given that it is a Kobo Rakuten Inc. device (that’s the user’s manual author’s name as shown beneath the file name on the device).

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