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New Tumblog Matches Book Covers to Bikinis

I’m not one to care much about having clothes and accessories that match, but I think this is a time where I’m wrong. I’ve been leafing through Matchbook this morning, and by about the 3rd page I got to wondering why no one thought of this long ago.

This is a blog with a simple goal. It takes well-illustrated book covers and then matches then with swim wear.  Most of the matching clothing are bikinis, but there are a few men’s trunks and one-piece swimsuits in there as well.

Update: And now that blog is dead, so don’t click the link. Someone else is squatting on the domain and has filled the pages with lorem ipsum.

It getting late in the summer, so not very many people are still going to take vacations. But I am rather enjoying the thought that someone might actually buy a swimsuit that matched the book they’re reading.  I’m not one to go out in the sun, so clearly this will never happen to me. But I still like the idea.

Well, I like some of the possible matches, others not so much. For example, one could try to match the cover of Moby Dick to a thong, but that would be a little too tacky to wear.


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