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New Video Shows Dummy iPad Air 2

ipad air 2 dummyApple is widely expected to release a new iPad Air this fall, and if this video is to be believed we are in for a treat.

Youtube user TLDToday got his hands on what he says is a dummy iPad Air 2. He got it via Sonny Dickson, and while we don’t know how Sonny got his hands on it the guy has generally been a good source of Apple leaks in the past.

As you can see in the video, the iPad Air 2 dummy is a little thinner than the current model. It has similar bezels, redesigned speakers, and it also looks like Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner has apparently replaced the old home button.

Looking at the video, do you think the new iPad is worth waiting for?

I don’t. I thought the existing model is pretty darned thin already, so aside from the technical fact that the new one is thinner I don’t really care. But since I am not using my iPad (I am an Android user) 2 to its fullest potential I’m not sure I an qualified to debate which Air model is worth getting.

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JC June 26, 2014 um 12:16 am

I have an iPad 4th gen and an iPad Air. I mostly use the iPad4. The Air… Mostly bought it for watching movies since my iPad4 only had 16gb storage and the Air has 128gb. Still… The new Air being thinner and lighter and having a fingerprint scanner aren’t big enough reasons to upgrade. I’d much rather have a new iPod Touch which I use more than either iPad since it’s practically a mini tablet. It can do what the iPad mini can at a size that’s easier to carry around. Too bad Apple seems to have lost interest in iPods 🙁

Paul June 26, 2014 um 9:45 am

The real question is what did they do with the processor? People upgrade not to get the latest and greatest, but when their old iPad stops working. Its the big difference between Android and iPad users. An iPad from three/four years ago is still usable, am android tablet is not.

Hayden June 26, 2014 um 11:56 pm

Paul, I have a 3 and half year old Android tablet which is still doing everything a need from a tablet. I did buy one with very good specs at the time. I guess you meant Android tablets with poor specs. Apple always bring out tablets with good specs which should last a few years.

I have never understood the rush to upgrade these devices as soon as a new model comes out. My wife has an IPad2 and she loves it. She also has no need to upgrade.

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