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New Video Shows Off iPad 5 Components

new ipad 5When I wrote about the upcoming Apple event yesterday I suggested that we wouldn’t see a new iPad because we hadn’t seen enough leaked parts. That is no longer true.

A new video was posted to Youtube last night, and it shows what looks to be the shell and front panel for the new iPad. The shell is thinner and smaller than the current model, and the front panel supports past rumors which claimed that the new iPad will have bezels similar to that found on the iPad mini.

Apple is going to be launching something new next week, and now that we have this video I am expecting a new iPad.

But now that we know that the new device will probably be thinner and lighter, I can’t help but wonder what Apple did to fix the screen issues. As you probably know, the Retina display is a power hog. That led to the latest iPad model being heavier and thicker than its predecessor (bigger batteries), but now that we know the new model is smaller and thinner I am curious to find out what Apple changed in order to reduce the size.

Is the new screen less of a power hog (thus requiring fewer batteries)? I don’t know, but it’s certainly possible.

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