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New World Record for Book Domino Chain Set in Poland

Who 466401113_d28d08eb19_m[1]wants to see a few thousand books be abused in pursuit of a world record?

A new Guinness World Record was set in Cz?stochowa, Poland last week, when a group of students and staff at the Cz?stochowa School of Economics worked together to build a domino chain made of books. A total of 5,000 books were used, in a chain that stretched from the gymnasium, through several classrooms, corridors and stairs.

This is the third world record for book domino chain set in the past year. Volunteers at the Seattle Pubic Library set up a chain of 2,131 books in June, and then in September their record was bested in Antwerp where a 4,845 long chain of books was assembled.


image by CarbonNYC

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