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NewsBlur Updated With Full Text Search

newsblurThe news reader service Newsblur rolled out a new update today which adds the holly grail of RSS feed readers: full text search.

Readers can now search all of their feeds for a given term. The search function will check all of the titles, tags, and articles for the term and return a list.

NewsBlur is a freemium service; free users can follow up to 64 feeds, and for $24 a year users can follow as many feeds as they like. The service now boasts over 60 thousand users, but before Google announced the Readerpocalypse last March Newsblur only had around 2,000 paying users.

Readers can catch up on the news in Newsblur’s Android and iOS apps, and they can share links to stories on FB, Twitter, email, or save the stories to services like Pocket, Readability, Instapaper, and more. Premium users get more sharing options, faster updates, and other bonuses. For example, the full text search is only available to premium users.

This blogger is content with using Mr Reader paired with BazQux for his mobile news reading news, otherwise he’d be all over NewsBlur.

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