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NEWSTOEBOOK – a new way to get your RSS feeds

I’ve just come across a new website that will turn RSS feeds into an ebook. It’s called, appropriately enough, NEWSTOEBOOK. You can use it to make Epub or Mobi ebooks from almost any RSS feed, and soon you’ll be able to gather tweets, too.

BTW, Feedbooks used to provide a similar ability, but they stopped for some reason. I’m glad I found a replacement.

I’ve tried this with a couple blogs, and for the most part it works well. The ebooks are well formatted, there’s a TOC, and in general it’s a decent read. But there are a couple not so good points. All the images were converted to grayscale, and there was no need for that. I’m reading it on a laptop, so the lack of color was a disappointment. Also, I looked but did not see a self update button built in to the ebook. That would have been nice to have.

But it’s only fair that I point out that NEWSTOEBOOK is still under development, and I’m sure it will improve as time goes by. If it ever gets to the point where I don’t have to go back to the website each time, it’s going to be very useful.


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Andrys March 12, 2011 um 11:35 am

Have you tried ?

Can selected a number of them to make a daily combined book with TOC .

Others like Calibre. But, maybe it doesn’t do the images. I don’t think kindlefeeder does either but I haven’t used it for awhile so I don’t know.

elmonica March 12, 2011 um 4:39 pm

"Can selected a number of them "

My first question was whether I can select the articles using this service.

Nate the great March 12, 2011 um 6:56 pm

Thanks. I hadn’t seen that one.

dunedenisip March 12, 2011 um 4:48 pm

I use Calibre to create mobi file using RSS; it has already over 800 recipes for different sites.

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