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Next iPhone Leaks, Looks Pretty Much Like Current iPhone

iphone 6s shellAs the summer approaches its peak, the tech blogosphere has turned its attention to pondering what Apple will release this fall. Yesterday Apple’s supply chain obligingly satisfied our curiosity.

9to5Mac has a posted a gallery of photos showing what is very likely the next iPhone. They’re calling it the iPhone 6s, and they say that the new model will look almost identical to the current one when it arrives this fall and that it will feature a few key differences internally.

The new shell is showing different mounting points for internal components, but externally it will have the same width and thickness, and have all the buttons and slots in the same locations as the current model.

Edit: Speaking of internal components, the logic board for the new iPhone has been made public. It sports Qualcomm’s MDM9635M chip, and will be more power efficient and offer LTE speeds twice as fast as on the current iPhone.

The new model is also rumored to have a pressure-sensitive touchscreen, but there is no evidence of that here.

iphone 6s shell

The new iPhone will likely be shipped this fall, either in September or October. It will likely arrive along side iOS 9, although one might proceed the other.

There’s no word yet that either of the devices I am interested in will be shipped this fall, however.

I’m interested in a refreshed 4″ iPhone (to satisfy those who don’t want a phablet) and I also really want to see a new iPod Touch with either a 4.7″ or 5.5″ screen.

I don’t need the phone part of an iPhone 6 plus but I do like the screen size and would like the option of what would effectively be a 5.5″ iPad. I think it would be nifty. Expensive, but nifty.

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Frank July 1, 2015 um 11:38 am

It would be interesting to see Apple release a new 4″ iPhone, however Apple does a lot of market research and I believe a small group wants small phones. Bigger is better for most people. They will continue the 4.7″ with the iPhone 6S.

I think the iPod Touch commands a small market and the major hardware was last updated in 2012 (there have been minor refreshes since then), I think that is the last iPod Touch. I don’t see the appeal of having a phone-less iPhone.

A 5.5″ iPad would sell units, but I doubt Apple wants to have so many devices, especially when the iPad Pro with 12″+ screen will likely come out this fall, mostly for Enterprise growth.

Nate Hoffelder July 1, 2015 um 11:59 am

The odds are good that you’re right on both points. But I can still dream, can’t I.

Mary July 2, 2015 um 11:51 am

Nate, I would like exactly the same thing as you, so take heart that there are others out there. My 5s is a great phone and I would love to have the exact same thing only updated. I use the iPod for listening to books and music to take wear and tear off of the phone, and would buy an enhanced one in a heartbeat.

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