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NextPapyrus to Launch PageOne eReader at CeBit w\XGA screen

The CeBit tradeshow is coming up next week in Hannover, Germany, and we’re already getting some teasers about new ereaders. The Korean ereader maker NextPapyrus has come out of hiding with a new gadget.

The PageOne HD looks to be a close relative of the PageOne ereader I reviewed in 2010. It has the same general design and ebook format support, but it also has a new and better screen.

It’s using the new flexible 6″ screen with resolution on the iriver Story HD (1024×768). It also has 2GB Flash storage, a microSD card slot, but no touchscreen or Wifi. Aside from the screen, this looks to be identical to the one I reviewed 2 years ago, and that makes me wonder what they’ve been doing all this time.

NextPapyrus used to be an innovative company. I didn’t mention them by name, but about a week ago I posted one of their demo videos. Back in 2009 they were doing some neat stuff with animation on E-ink.

Perhaps I shouldn’t criticize them, but in the past couple years everyone else has added touchscreens, Wifi, and neat software features. NextPapyrus appears to be standing still.



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