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Nexus 7 – Millions Sold, None in Use

Google’s new Android tablet is in the hands of a lot of bloggers – just not mine. My order is still waiting for me at home for when I come back from my conference, so until then I will have to content myself with this montage of unboxing videos.

Apparently this was not an easy device to free from the box. While Apple is careful to offer a simple unboxing experience, Google decided to protect the Nexus 7 as best they could – by making it almost impossible to open.

My favorite clip is the one where they had to use a kitchen knife to open the box, but the repeated banging on the box comes a close second.There’s also a bit where one blogger says “On the back of this are two pieces of tape, which I’ve cut already to avoid making a fool out of myself on camera.” That cracks me up every time.

I swear, I think some of those bloggers are still trying to get the box open.

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kurt July 16, 2012 um 2:39 pm

thank-you for that

laugh out loud funny (yes, deserved more than a LOL)

Smoley July 16, 2012 um 3:32 pm

I’ve never understood the "unboxing" videos.

Why not take it to the next level and show the delivery guy bringing it to your door? In fact, how about an in-depth interview with the delivery guy, after all, he’s handled more of these than anyone outside of Google/Asus. How does he feel about the packaging? The label on the box? The weight? The fragrance?

Nate, when you get yours, I hope you post a video showing how to put everything back into the box just to spite these narcissistic fools.

Nate Hoffelder July 16, 2012 um 3:59 pm

Ow, ow, ow! I have a pulled muscle in my side, and that made me laugh so hard that it hurt again. LOL

I don’t really understand the point of the unboxing videos either, but it seems to be something everyone does.

Tim July 16, 2012 um 5:14 pm

Funny , but the guy using his collar stay was just the wrong tool for any job other than collar staying !

George July 16, 2012 um 5:23 pm

It’s because you need to be a professional mix martial artists to unbox it:

Richard Adin July 17, 2012 um 6:06 am

Did you notice how easily he unboxed his Nexus 7. Tells me that the bloggers simply don’t get enough gym time to be able to unbox a Nexus 7. 🙂

Tyler July 16, 2012 um 8:23 pm


This is really funny….especially with the hello mudda hello fadder music going on!

JimS July 17, 2012 um 10:00 pm

Opening it is not the problem 🙁 (I got mine delivered this afternoon, and it was easy to open.)

I am comparing it to my rooted Nook Tablet and have encountered what I consider to be a major problem.

Reading an e-book using Kindle for Android, Nook for Android, of Nook on the Nook Tablet, the text fills the full Nook screen. Not so on the Nexus 7.

The text to read seems to occupy nearly 1 inch of less height. Problem #1 – the LCD "navigation buttons" on the bottom of the Nexus screen may fade to black, but they do not disappear, so something like 73 pixels are wasted there. Same thing for the notification bar at the top of the screen, although that is less tall. To add insult to injury, the apps then show me the book title on the top of every page with extra white space above and below that.

Comparing the same book page in the Nexus 7 and my rooted Nook tablet, I get about 1 inch less text height on the Nexus. This is also true in landscape mode, where the relative impact of the lost height is much greater, rendering the difference between the two devices even greater, and landscape reading almost useless.

As far as I can tell, there is no way to make reading software full screen. There is no way to make the navigation bars auto-hide. It just sucks.

And the Nexus 7 has a glossy screen that is very reflective and a fingerprint magnet, although that might be curable with a screen skin.


JimS July 18, 2012 um 2:41 am

I realize I slightly overstated my complaint about the navigation buttons taking up too much screen space on the Nexus 7 compared to other tablets. These seems to be a generic Jelly Bean issue. The non-hiding navigation buttons appear also with Ice Cream Sandwich, though not taking up quite so much space (particularly on a 10″ tablet). I guess my rooted Nook Tablet running Android 2.3 is the odd one out with the full screen display of text in Nook or Kindle for Android.

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