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No, Barnes & Noble isn’t Giving You a Free Nook

I have some good news and bad news today. The good news is that Barnes & Noble has sent emails to all of its customers, congratulating them on their new Nook that they did not purchase.

The bad news is that B&N won’t be sending a matching Nook with each email (which is a shame because I got three of the emails). "Welcome to Nook by Barnes & Noble," the email read,

Thanks for registering your new NOOK! Here are some helpful hints for getting the most out of your device. Millions of adventures are waiting for you when you read with Barnes & Noble, whether on your NOOK device, in our stores, or on

Did you get one of the emails?

Much to my surprise, I got three, one to each of my 3 accounts with B&N. While I would love to get 3 free Nooks (I am in need of coasters for drinks) I don’t expect to receive any.

This is obviously a glitch of some kind.

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vrf December 15, 2017 um 4:41 pm

Hah… should have checked here first. I sent them an email wondering if someone had nabbed my ID information.

Kit December 15, 2017 um 4:54 pm

Thank you for posting about this; I wondered WTF was going on.

Glinda Harrison December 15, 2017 um 4:58 pm

I was going to post on twitter asking if someone had bought me a new NOOK for Christmas…..

Nate Hoffelder December 15, 2017 um 5:08 pm

oh, it was you that got me three Nooks for Christmas!

You’re the best!

Glinda Harrison December 15, 2017 um 5:44 pm

You are welcome, LOL!

Mike D December 15, 2017 um 5:50 pm

I’m in the UK and I got that email.

I suspect my Nook ST no longer works

Angela Korra’ti December 15, 2017 um 6:00 pm

I got one of these too. Can confirm that when I logged into to check my account info, the two Nooks I expected to be shown there were still shown there, and their registration dates looked correct. And my current active Nook appears to be functioning normally, so.

Paul December 15, 2017 um 7:28 pm

They sent this email out a short while ago.

Dear Barnes & Noble Customer,

We wanted to make you aware of a system error we experienced today, which caused you to receive an email thanking you for registering your NOOK Device or Reading App. Please disregard this email.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

We look forward to your next visit to Barnes & Noble.


Barnes & Noble Customer Support Team

BDR December 15, 2017 um 8:11 pm

Nobody has ever accused Barnes & Noble of being competent and they’ve reached their financial predicament the old-fashioned way: They’ve earned it.

Laurie P. December 15, 2017 um 8:41 pm

Darn it I needed 1…no $…sigh

Barry Marks December 15, 2017 um 9:35 pm

I got two of the emails. I guess I must have two accounts. I do have a Glowlight Plus which is registered but I have no idea what email address I used. I’ve never bought a book from them.

I also got two of the error corrections from B&N.

Look at the bright side. B&N does keep us entertained. 🙂

Xaver Basora December 16, 2017 um 1:27 am

Well the customer’s aleays right:) So please send one 🙂

Susan H. January 4, 2018 um 4:07 pm

Is there some scam related to this email? I have repeatedly deleted it, and even emptied my email trash, yet it repeatedly reappears in my inbox — sometimes more than twice a day. It always has the 12/15/2017 date.

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