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No, B&N Didn’t Stop Selling Android Tablets

There’s a report from the blog known for its "exclusive" hardware stories that Barnes & Noble has stopped selling Android tablets. Their story implies that B&N has gotten put of Android tablets, or discontinued them, or what have you.

None of which is true.

I’ve just heard back from Barnes & Noble, and they have denied the story.  I was told, and I quote "This is not true. We are currently out of stock but will continue to sell NOOK tablets."

Rather than B&N having stopped the sales of Android tablets, it looks like this is another example of a supply chain disruption caused by the pandemic,  just like when your local grocery store ran out of toilet paper. They did not stop selling toilet paper so much as they were unable to acquire a sufficient supply, and the same is very likely true for B&N.


Well that was an interesting 43 minutes. (That’s how long to took to get an answer from B&N.)

I actually had this whole history of B&N’s hardware that I wrote while waiting for confirmation. I guess I will just have to stick it in my files (let’s hope I never have to use it).

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