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No, the iPad2 didn’t show up at CES 2011

A couple of videos are going around today that purport to show an iPad 2 dummy. Supposedly a case manufacturer was given a dummy in order to work on a case and they "accidentally" brought it to CES.

Yeah, right.

I’ll grant you that there might be an iPad2. And I’ll grant that a case maker could have a dummy.  But that dummy will be in a locked room somewhere behind at least 2 layers of security. I doubt you could even get a camera into the room, much less bring the dummy to CES.

Did you know that before the iPad was launched, there were app developers that the closest they got to an iPad was looking at it over a streaming video?  Seriously, that’s how secretive Apple are.  This level of goof would never happen.

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Mrawhimskell klaar January 12, 2011 um 9:05 pm

True. Given Apple’s history of tight control over it’s supply chain leaks. But then the conspiracy theorists may argue that it’s maybe a strategic leak meant to water down the effect of the Xoom and Playbook, amongst other Android tablets, in preparation for the ipad2 launch in a few months time.

I know it doesn’t sound that plausible but just saying …

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