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Nook for Android Updated With New Digital Comics Support

Lost amid the Nook HD news last week was a small news story about the Nook Android app. Barnes & Noble pushed out an update last Tuesday for this app, bringing it some long needed features.

As always, the app got unnamed big fixes and other under the hood improvements, and there’s mention of fixes for bugs which some had encountered while pre-ordering ebooks. This update also a fix to the sync process for the HTC Flyer.

More importantly, B&N is also reporting that the app now has a full dictionary, a feature which the iOS app got a few weeks back, as well as more font and margin sizes, another feature the iOS app got a few weeks back.

This update really only adds one major new feature, and it’s one which has long since been available on the Nook Color and Nook Tablet.The app now supports digital comics as well as Zoom View, B&N’s directed viewing gimmick.

That is a feature which was originally announced with the nook Tablet last fall. The NC got it in a later update, and the iOS app also gained support for comics some time back.

I tested this myself on my Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the performance was largely the same as on the Nook Color.

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