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Nook for iOS Gets Accessibility Features as the Android, iOS Apps "Launch" in the UK

It may have taken Barnes & Noble some time to realize the value of supporting all readers but once they did they’ve really put some work into it. In addition to the new accessibility features found on the Nook HD and HD+, B&N has also rolled out an update for the Nook iPad app which makes use of the accessibility features which Apple built into iOS.

This update happened just in time for the official launch of the apps in the UK. (The apps already were available in the UK; I know several people who were already using a B&N account to get their ebooks. But I digress.)


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Heinz November 28, 2012 um 4:29 am

That’s great. Imagine You would only have access to less than 5 of hundret books – this is the situation of visual impaired people.
Apple’s ibooks until nowvwas unachieved in therms of accessibility. Why couldn’t all ebookreader able to allow this .
Only one problem left: these apps can’t be purchased in germany, amarket not to small.

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