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Nook for iPhone was updated but the iPad app is gone

As strange as it might sound, Barnes & noble didn’t update both their apps today. They only updated the iPhone app and for some reason known only to them they pulled the iPad app.

A couple people have pointed out to me that i missed the fact that the Nook iOS app was updated. Well, I’ve been checking my iPad every few minutes all day.  There is no Nook update for it. Rather than continue to wait, I searched for "nook" and the screen shot at right shows what I found. Do you see the big hole where the Nook iPad app isn’t?

If I had to guess then I would bet the app is missing due to technical problems. Or it might be like the Google Books app; maybe it’s not done yet.

This day is getting strange.

P.S. And yes, the iPhone app is missing the link to the ebookstore.

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Tais July 28, 2011 um 9:56 pm

Any update on this? I still can’t get the ipad app. Is anyone else having this problem?

Nate Hoffelder July 28, 2011 um 11:05 pm

I can’t get it either.

JCU August 2, 2011 um 9:56 pm

Same issues here with iPad2…..finally talked with B&N tech support and they said there are issues with Apple and B&N (translate that into $$ issues)… should be worked out soon….(undefined). I am not a happy camper…..

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