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Nook Glow Get a Price Cut – $99

Barnes-Noble-Nook-Simple-Touch-with-GlowLight-vs[1]It’s the middle of August, and B&N still hasn’t announced a new ereader, so you know what that means.

They’re stuck with flogging last year’s ereader for the back-to-school period.

Barnes & Noble has just announced a price cut on the Nook Glow. This ereader combines an easily damaged frontlight with an out-of-date E-ink screen, now costs $99 in the US.

At first glance this compares well to the Kobo Glo and the Kindle Paperwhite, 2 ereaders which retail for $129 and $119, but those ereaders also have higher resolution screens and frontlights which can’t be damaged simply by dropping your car keys on the screen.

And the Nook Glow is not going to look good when compared to what is going to be announced in the next month or so. If you’re thinking about buying an ereader, don’t forget that Kobo has an event coming up in a couple weeks. They’re bound to announce a new ereader (and a tablet).

There’s a good chance Amazon is going to announce  something new, and heck, for all we know B&N might have a new Nook in the pipeline. There’s nothing new on the FCC website, but that could change.

Nook Glow (B&N)

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fjtorres August 18, 2013 um 6:14 pm

It wasn’t that long ago that Nook Glo was going for $29 at Radio Shack.
(I picked up two.)
Smart money says that price will return fairly soon.

flyingtoastr August 18, 2013 um 8:16 pm

I just did a cursory search on the Kindle user forums and there are plenty of reports of people breaking their KPW’s with blunt force to the diffraction layer as well.

Zomg, electronics break when you mishandle them.

Nate Hoffelder August 18, 2013 um 8:46 pm

The Nook Glow failed the keys on screen test. None of the other leading models failed that test. Both the Kobo Glo and the KPW survived having my keys almost thrown at the screen.

flyingtoastr August 18, 2013 um 10:25 pm

Because your singular anecdote is definitely the final truth of all things.

Nate Hoffelder August 18, 2013 um 11:14 pm

Yes, yes it is.

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