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Nook Glowlight Plus Has Been Rooted

nook glowlight plusIt took just under two months, but the Nook Glowlight Plus has been rooted. Now the real fun can commence.

Mike Cane reports that anew hacking script has been released on XDA Forums. Unlike the script I showed you last week (which installed tweaks and a new home screen), this script uses ADB to give you root access to your Nook Glowlight Plus.

If you already have ADB installed on your computer, the process is pretty simple. Instructions:

  1. Enable USB debugging in Developer options on the Nook Glowlight Plus
  2. Connect the USB cable and make sure your Nook Glowlight Plus is showing up in 'adb devices'
  3. Extract and run rootnook.cmd (or on linux)

You can find a link to the script, as well as tech support, over on XDA Forums. I don’t own a Nook Glowlight Plus, so I can’t help.

The Nook Glowlight Plus is currently on sale for $99, should you want to buy one. It has a 300ppi screen and runs Android 4.4 on a 1GHz single-core CPU with 512MB RAM, and 4GB internal storage, all wrapped in a waterproof shell.


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Max December 16, 2015 um 7:04 am

Storage is 4gb, not 8gb.

Nate Hoffelder December 16, 2015 um 7:24 am

Whoops, typo.

I fixed it, thanks.

Jack December 16, 2015 um 11:00 pm

Thanks for sharing this Nate. I have been looking forward to this for a while. They said that rooting will make it is easier to transfer files wirelessly using Dropbox, we can do a little bit of browsing, automatic download of daily newspaper, get any app that supports 2.1 (IIRC) and so on…

Chas February 29, 2016 um 8:45 pm

The Glowlight Plus runs Android 4.4, not 2.1 like the older models.

Kat May 12, 2016 um 2:38 pm

can anyone recommend a safe site to get ADB from? I just bought a nook glow light plus hoping to put books other than barnes and noble on the unit.

Frank May 12, 2016 um 4:56 pm

XDA is a safe site. It bans people that posts bad files.

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