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Nook Press Updated: Now Lets Users Edit Previously Published eBooks

nook pressWhen Barnes & Noble announced Nook Press last month it was a great new platform with clever collaboration, a surprisingly powerful online editor, and other useful features.

But as great as it was, Nook Press was lacking one key feature. You couldn’t edit a previously published ebook without losing all the reviews, ratings, and other reader contributions. Last week B&N corrected that oversight.

Barnes & Noble hasn’t made any formal announcement about the change, but a reader has tipped me to a week-old post on B&N’s forums where B&N announced the news:

We’ve recently made some updates to NOOK Press to improve your self-publishing experience!

Now you can edit your Manuscripts that are already on sale as NOOK Books — without creating a new Project or removing it from sale.

To start using NOOK Press, go to and click “Get Started”. Create a NOOK Press account and easily sync your PubIt! account to transfer all of your PubIt! account, title, and sales information.

Barnes & Noble never made it clear why this was left out, but more than a few authors have probably been affected by its absence. If nothing else, the authors probably noticed the missing feature when they tried to correct typos and other errors.

Editing older ebooks is also going to prove usef ul to authors who have to edit time sensitive ebooks. Jason Matthews, the reader who pointed out this issue last month, writes how-to guides for self-publishing an ebook. His ebooks need to be refreshed every few months with the latest info on the publishing industry, and now he will be able to do so.

B&N has also confirmed the new feature in the Nook Press FAQ.

Thanks, Dave!


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Nook Press se actualiza con interesantes mejoras May 6, 2013 um 6:11 am

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Jason Matthews July 7, 2013 um 5:44 pm

Yes, thank you to Dave and also Nate for this article and mention. Much appreciated 🙂
It amazed me that Nook Press originally did not enable edits or updates, especially considering the older format, Pubit, had that ability. Barnes & Noble often leaves me wondering what they’re thinking.

Curtis W. Jackson May 3, 2015 um 7:04 pm

It is two years since your article. Nook Press online manuscript does allow authors to edit previously published books via Nook. At times when I confronted problems with their manuscript editor or had questions about it. Nook business team have responded and assisted me. In addition the online customer service chat was helpful and kind also.
Sorry to acknowledge I did faced limitations and complications seemingly un-resolvable and frustrating. NP editor online did not permit me to revise my work a third or 4th time in spite of repeated attempts. Also despite repeated attempts I could not overcome an error message preventing a revised manuscript to publish.
The NP online editor kept informing me that my revised manuscript "exceeds the 20mg limit." I done everything possible to reduce the file size by removing so much content and high resolution images. It appeared that the revised manuscript was less than 15mg, nonetheless it still failed to publish.
NP online editor does not have a built-in file size indicator currently. I sought solutions by uploading another manuscript and then editing it on NP online editor. That did not work along with thus far, creating a new manuscript. There were repeated inquries for assistance from NP business team.
The experience is very discouraging, I wanted sincerely to remove grammra and syntax errors from my book. It is very challenging to edit a e pub file when you do not have a computer of your own and the necessary resources. I had to use public library computers and hand tablets.
Another complication is that if an author revised a manuscript he/she will not get the corrections in the new download of the e pub file. Each time I downloaded the e pub file it is of the previous, non-revised edition with the errors intact uncorrected. However the online manuscript editor book preview actually shows the corrected, revised manuscript that will not publish and download. How do you explain it?
I am not sure if others are having the same like experience as me. It is disappointing, disheartening for me after so much time spent trying to resolve these matters with NP. I will not discourage anyone from using NP online manuscript editor or to publish on Nook Press. Please do not ask me to recommend it, may you have fine success and geniune happiness.

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