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Nook Shutters Luxembourg Office, Withdraws Nook Windows 8 App – An International Retreat?

3074499444_05843c0797_bWhen B&N first started opening offices in Europe in 2012 it was a sign that B&N soon intended to compete in the global ebook market. Fast forward three years, and we have the news that B&N has shut down its operations in Luxembourg, is that a sign that they’ve given up on that goal?

The Bookseller (paywall’d) reported yesterday that Barnes & Noble’s office in Luxembourg has been liquidated. B&N confirmed the news to me, saying that:

We continue to operate our NOOK business in the U.K.  However, we no longer have a commercial partnership with Microsoft, and, as a result, we are transitioning away from our international business, based in Luxembourg. As we no longer have a commercial partnership with Microsoft, the Win8 app won’t be available in the international markets.

While this is a disappointment, it is not a surprise. B&N only announced its international expansion plans following the 2012 partnership with Microsoft. Outside of the US and UK the Nook store was only available via the Windows 8 app, leading me to speculate that the international store really belonged to Microsoft.

And now that we have B&N closing offices after buying out MS’s share of Nook Media, it would seem I was half right.

So does this mean that B&N is giving up on international markets?

I think that is what is going to happen in the long run, yes, just not today.

B&N is still showing on its website that it supports the Windows 8 app in 30 countries. I also have a first-hand report that the app still works in the Netherlands.

Nevertheless, I still expect B&N to abandon its international customers. Thanks to the boneheaded decision to only support Windows 8, they never had very many in the first place(I had to ask 9 people in and around digital publishing to find one who could confirm the Nook Store was still open in Europe). And with digital revenue dropping to $41 million last quarter, B&N doesn’t exactly have a good reason to keep the lights on anywhere except the US and UK, its two one and a half core ebook markets.

Of course, B&N could always decide to get serious and make its ebookstore available to all the world, but I frankly don’t expect that to happen.

image by James Cridland

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Ebook Bargains UK June 13, 2015 um 3:04 am

"B&N could always decide to get serious and make its ebookstore available to all the world, but I frankly don’t expect that to happen."

Given no other ebook store has managed to be available to all the world it’s a safe bet B&N is not going to be the first.

Nate Hoffelder June 13, 2015 um 6:00 am

True. But B&N could at least come a little closer.

Sturmund Drang June 14, 2015 um 4:15 pm

I really thought Microsoft was going to buy B&N. I even thought they might do something with it. Now it looks like B&N is going to take a couple of decades to go the way of Radio Shack. I wonder why it’s so hard not to run a company into the ground?

Nate Hoffelder June 14, 2015 um 4:23 pm

I thought MS would buy Nook out from under B&N. But I guess it was just too toxic by the end of 2012.

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Mercia McMahon July 8, 2015 um 8:10 pm

Nook announced the closure of the Luxembourg office in January. It was opened to access a single VAT rate for all EU sales, but the EU VAT rules changed on 1st January 2015 rendering the Luxembourg office pointless.

Nate Hoffelder July 8, 2015 um 8:23 pm

Yes and no. If B&N were going to stay in ebooks then it would make sense to have an office somewhere like Luxembourg. They would have kept it open.

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