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Nook Touch Hacked to Run Mac OS (video)

A bevy of photos circulated the web last week which showed B&N’s beleaguered 6″ ereader running a hacked version of Mac OS. I held off on that story because the photos were only so-so interesting; I was waiting for a video – like the one I have today.

Mike Cane turned up this clip earlier today on an old thread. What you’re looking at isn’t a full version of the Mac OS; the Nook Touch is running the Mini vMac emulator as an Android app. Yes, the NT is hacked, but only to the point where it’s running an app.

But it is still cool.

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Mike Cane June 21, 2012 um 8:33 pm

The Mac emulator requires the old Mac ROMs (available on the Net) so, in fact, it’s as close as to an actual Mac as is possible via emulation. It can run INITs, Desk Accessories, just about everything the older Systems (7.5 and below) could do. I wish to hell I’d kept all my old 3.5″ floppies from EduComp/EduCorp. There’s stuff from them that still hasn’t turned up on the Net.

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