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Nook Touch is On Sale Today – Everywhere (?)

Here’s an unfortunate footnote to the B&N&Microsoft news from earlier today. The Nook Touch is on sale this week at a number of US retailers. Strangely enough, B&N wasn’t one of them. I don’t have a complete list, but a brief search has turned up ads for 4 different chains, including:

All 4 chains are selling the Nook Touch for $80. And this is a new unit, not refurbished, making it a pretty sweet deal. But it’s also terrible timing. It was just over a week ago that B&N shipped the Nook Glow early and the sales are happening the same week that B&N is trying to convince everyone that the Nook business is worth over a billion (more on that later).

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Logan Kennelly April 30, 2012 um 12:32 pm

There is a strong possibility that this sale is in response to the Kindle sale also going on at Best Buy, Staples, and possibly others.

Perhaps they are now expecting the Touch with Glowlight to be a bigger hit than originally planned?

Add on top of this that, apparently, all you need to convince people you are worth a billion dollars in the current economy is users (not value), and perhaps there is just a confluence of factors resulting in the sale.

fjtorres April 30, 2012 um 1:22 pm

These are *tech* companies and are valued as tech companies, not as retailers.
For that matter, there are reports they had a bid of $460 million for half the stock of the college bookstores, valueing that part of "Newco" at $900 million so the Nook side seems to be going for $800 million. With 25% of the US ebook market, that’s not out of line with what Rakuten paid for Kobo.

Mike Cane April 30, 2012 um 12:34 pm

It’s only in your mind that this looks bad. These flyers are done weeks in advance and *B&N* organizes the sales, not the stores. This price drop is to clear out Nook Touch v1 as much as possible. I think it’d be a bad move on B&N’s part to drop it in favor of the NookGL (which has a higher margin). By Xmas the Touch v1 could be a $49 stocking stuffer that would be insanely popular. But who knows? Maybe there’s yet another eInk Nook to come later this year as well?

And you missed RatShack, which is also selling NookColor for $149!

meth April 30, 2012 um 2:39 pm

But the nook touch is already a $45 stocking stuffer….

$79 @
-$25 – $25 off $75 coupon
-$10 – save $10 if using an AMEX card
$44 for a nook touch

flyingtoastr April 30, 2012 um 5:07 pm

BN is selling both the NST and Color at $20 off starting tomorrow.

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