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Nook Touch Weird Tricks (videos)

Everyone is talking Kindle fire and Nook Tablet right now, so i thought this was a good opportunity to remind everyone about how you can hack the Nook Touch. This is a 6″ ereader with Wifi and this week it is certainly getting lost in the tablet buzz. But it can still be a fun little device.

Mike Cane dug these clips up a few days ago. Note that the guy who made the videos isn’t actually doing anything on the Nook; instead he is remotely connected to a PC and is just using the Nook as a second monitor. But it’s still pretty cool.

BTW, these videos were uploaded by Youtube user "IhaveNoLife". This is true.

See the Nook Touch printing:

And here it is doing word processing:

Now watch the Nook Touch double as a monitor:

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bob November 17, 2011 um 10:18 pm

Any idea how it was done?

tene November 18, 2011 um 5:26 am

He’s mentioning in two of the videos that he’s using teamviewer. So basically a sort of remote desktop / desktop sharing. His keyboard and mouse are connected to the PC and he’s watching results of actions performed on PC on his nook. But teamviewer also allows to take control over the session so he is able to perform actions on his nook.

This is not something entirely new… I’ve seen something similar on early Windows controlled PDAs using embedded remote desktop client.

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