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Now This is the Google Glass Demo That I Would Want to Buy

When Google unveiled Project Glass earlier this year the concept video showed both far more than what Google Glass could do right now as well as far less than what was conceptually possible. I think the storyboard that I clipped above does a much better job.

Google’s concept showed hardly anything other than a guy getting info, and it did absolutely nothing to augment what he was seeing. What they could have done was show a more complex interaction like the idea conceived by Sam Saxton. He’s a freelance storyboard artist, and last week he posted his idea for a Google Glass concept video. He posted a storyboard, not a video, so you’ll have to use your imagination to translate the sketches (like the 4 above) into the video.

I like it. Sam has a much better idea of what you can do when you put a camera and screen between yourself and the rest of the world. Rather than just show a few paltry bits of information, Sam’s concept has the users changing what they can see via graphical overlays. The users are both interacting with the environment around them while the overlays still improve upon it.

The clippings I excerpted above and below are from a storyboard that focuses on a jogger. As you can see, the jogger is planning her route in her head’s up display. Eleswhere in the storyboard the jogger picks a game to play while jogging (MarioKart, and there’s also a Zombie running game). Sam also has his version of Google Glass blocking billboards with an "ad blocked" message.

That last is perhaps the most useful feature, IMO. Some parts of the real world are plastered with even more ads than the web, and I’d love to be able to use an augmented reality ad blocker. After all, I already block ads online; why not move that into my offline life (what little there is of it).

I didn’t know Sam’s policy on copying his work, so I only clipped the little bit you see above. You can find the rest over at his blog. It’s well worth a look; Sam also has other storyboards that show how augmented reality glasses might help a student or a football fan.

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Peter July 25, 2012 um 8:47 pm

I’d like a Garmin app with big arrows pointing out your exit.

The DMV wouldn’t like it at first- but if they got a robot a license I’m sure they can get this through.

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