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NY Times Brings Their Print Edition Online with New Web App

The NYTimes TodaysPaperdesktoptablet_large_verge_medium_landscapehas long been sending a version of their print edition to subscribers on ebook readers like the Nook and Kindle, and today they’ve announced that web subscribers can join the fun.

They’ve taken the Today’s Paper section of the NYTimes website and expanded it into its own web app. It offers a reading experience with content limited to only what is in the print  edition of this paper of record.

Built with the latest HTML5 technologies, this is the first responsive app developed for readers who value the regular schedule, structured composition and totality of the NYTimes daily print edition. The app includes the articles and ads found in all of the sections of each print edition, as well as a few videos. Users can access each edition from the previous seven days and read the articles offline.

The Today’s Paper web app replaces the experimental web app that the NYiImes launched last year, and it won’t be replacing the main section of the NYTimes website. But it will offer readers a way to curate the large volume of articles published every day in the NY Times and pull out the ones that were deemed the most relevant when the print edition went out the night before.



The Today’s Paper app works on most desktop browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari) but according to ReadWrite there’s no smartphone support and tablet support is limited:

"Today’s Paper" supports browsers for desktops and tablets including Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. It does not support Firefox or Opera on any tablet or the native Android browser on devices that do not use Chrome. "Today’s Paper" will not work for the Silk browser on a Kindle Fire. The Web app is not optimized for a smartphone.

It is available to existing digital subscribers.

TBH I don’t see the point; reading this edition in the late afternoon means that any important events that occurred in the past 12 hours will go unread.

But according to evp Denise Warren, that hasn’t detracted from its popularity: "Soon after we launched our experimental Web App we discovered that Today’s Paper was one of the most popular sections," said Denise Warren, executive vice president of digital products and services, The New York Times. "This new reading experience is the next step in our ongoing process to develop new and valuable digital products that offer our subscribers other innovative ways to access our content."

I suppose this might be a useful optional filter which could be handy in dealing with the fire hose of news that comes at us at all hours of the day and night. On the other hand, some of us like having too much to read.

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