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OLPC Will Unveil a New Gadget at CES 2013

question-markFor the past couple years OLPC, the MIT non-profit spinoff which developed low-cost educational devices for developing markets, has been unveiling their newest gadget at CES. That trade show is coming up in a few weeks in Las Vegas, and rumors are circulating that OLPC will once again have something new.

The XO-3 won’t be making an appearance this year; it was cancelled a few weeks back. But the XO-4 laptop will be at CES with its touchscreen display, and OLPC is also going to show off something completely new, a gadget which so far no one has even gotten a hint about.

What is it? I don’t know.

Unlike last year, when the XO-3 was known to all weeks in advance, OLPC is keeping the new gadget a secret. All I know is that OLPC is scheduling interviews to show off "the XO-4 Touch and a brand new device". Interesting, no?

I’ve checked with my other sources, and none of them have heard anything either. So I am putting this story out into the world. I know this report is awfully thin, but I wanted to see if I could start a feeding frenzy. I figure if enough people know about the new device then it increases the chance that something will leak.

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