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OnSwipe Adds Support for Nexus 7

It looks like the tablet publishing service is finally beginning to live up to their early claims. Onswipe has just added support for Google’s 7″ Android tablet. Nexus 7 owners will now be able to join Kindle Fire, iPhone, and iPad owners in enjoying an app like reading experience.

The Next Web caught up with Jason Baptiste, the CEO of Onswipe, to learn more about why the Nexus 7 was targeted with this release, and not any other device.

We believe in supporting modern hardware coupled with modern browsers that support the best of the web. Nexus 7 is great hardware combined with the great browser of Chrome that lets us bring the web to the bleeding edge. Sadly, Android has been put in the hands of carriers and device manufacturers that can make great hardware, but don’t know how to couple it with modern software. Onswipe will be working to support other Android devices beyond Nexus 7 by focusing on Chrome and browsers that are maintained to modern standards.

Personally, I don’t see the point of this service. If people want an immersive app-like reading experience I expect they will get an app. What’s more, as mobile devices get faster and faster (Nexus 7 has a multi-core CPU, for pete’s sake) and as screen resolutions increase, the need for a mobile option is going to go away.

I offer an optional mobile theme for this blog and from what feedback I have received not many people want to use it on a 7″ screen. I’m told that a screen with the size and resolution of the Kindle Fire works fine with the regular website, and that is doubly true for a screen the size of the iPad.

Frankly, I expect to see mobile themes be scaled back to only being used on smartphone sized devices.  There’s no need for them on larger screens anymore.

via The Next Web

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