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Onyx Boox C67ML Android eReader Now Available With 300 PPI Carta E-ink Screen – $157

onyx boox c67ml carta2Around this time last year Onyx updated their C67ML Android ereader with double the storage and a Carta E-ink screen, and that worked out so well for them that they are doing it again.

The Chinese gadget retailer Banggood is now carrying a new C67ML model on its site. The new model looks essentially identical to the previous model, only now it has a 300ppi E-ink screen and costs about $20 more.

They’re calling it the C67ML Carta2, and it runs Android 4.2 on a dual-core 1GHz CPU with 512MB RAM and 8GB internal storage. And like its predecessor it also has Wifi, a microSD card slot, and a headphone jack.

And of course it has both a frontlight and a touchscreen, as well as the Carta E-ink display with a resolution of 1072 x 1448.  The  C67ML Carta2 is available today for $157, and the price includes both free shipping and a case.

Onyx has more or less updated the ereader by swapping out the screen. All other details remain the same, and that’s a shame because the page turn buttons could use some work.

As much as I love page turn buttons, this design just isn’t very usable. I’ve had similar buttons on previous Onyx ereaders, and I found that they were difficult to press consistently. I do wish Onyx would junk the design, rather than using it year after year, but that’s just me.


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Hrafn July 7, 2016 um 10:43 pm

RE Buttons: another reason to hold out for the Kepler (or defect to Boyue for their JDRead).

ONYX Boox C67ML Carta2: 300ppi + Android 4.2 für unter 150 Euro » July 8, 2016 um 10:08 am

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